Slim Slim Shyster
Slim w/o shades

It could be that for the first time ever, that Jade's OceanSide One Stop Express is finally operating. We sorta have a thing called a magazine rack for it but it is admittedly lame, unfinished, and in the future.

Same goes for a project called Dinker Street, a bit of fiction that may qualify as meta, maybe not as I'm still not totally sure what all the criteria are for that qualification.

Faking skills is such a cinch at this level of writing HTML and CSS. You have all your crib sheets right there and if something interesting comes up they put the code up and you copy/paste it to your notes. Also shorter codes are doing cuter tricks these days. Hello folks, you get the whole gist of the thing in the first 20 minute lesson! W3Schools Everything is so free over there its pathetic. And sorta like here at neocities.

I made a new logo graphic for the No Shades, it almost looks ghosty enough for the Ghost Network logo. I may have to steal it and use it over there as well.

As far as here, I'm really sold on using these little buttons. I only chose the same image as the background repeating square at first, because it was the only image in the folder at the time. Its gotta match, right? Very lucky accident for me, and such a cute easy button background.

So it turned out all the folders have an image folder, but the one at filecabinet is sort of the repository of almost all of the old gif images I've made and archived since the beginning. Hopefully below you can see an old graphic of the character Jade Shyster in his office.

Meet tall-slim.gif. This is yet another trial to get Slim a whole body image. Unmatching everything, that suit is going to need a lot of work, way to go art department. Though awkward, slims coat and pants seem so far in so-so good proportion(at least to each other). Looks like everybody is going to have to wear the same suit, until or if, there is ever another. Idea: what would it look like if i dissappeared skips or somebodies beard and DID NOT draw in a chin, just leave everything missing blank. oh he 'shaved'" they would say to explain it away. just rambling. hmmm chins and jaw bones for the guys??

So Muddy Bottom gets a deal and a live show from slim, what does shades get?? Straightforward commentary could go with a fourth wall concept I have recently come to enjoy and admire. Abed's work, in "Community" most recently.

© Slim with no shades on